Little Black Dress

Anastasia Contour Kit Review

Happy Friday Lovelies! So I recently purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and I guess you can say I am finally hopping on the bandwagon. As of lately, contouring and highlighting has become a huge deal in the beauty industry. Although, the concept has been around for a while the hype that has been created from dozens of celebrities and YouTube beauty gurus is insane. Since I am now only being introduced to this world of bronzers and highlighters, I felt that purchasing this palette provided me with all the products I need in one compartment.

Manicure Monday

Prom Makeover

Here's a prom look I did for my gorgeous cousin Sabrina for her 8th grade prom yesterday. I didn't want to overdo her makeup and went for a softer natural glam given that she's only in middle school and is naturally beautiful. Hope you enjoy!

Dress To Impress

Tropical Getaway

Hello Blogging World! ❤

I've finally gotten around to posting on my first blog and I am beyond excited! After following beauty & fashion gurus for years, I've learned endless tips on all things glamour and decided to share bits of it. Graduating high school seemed like the ideal time to start up my blog except, little did I know being a college student for the past year has taken up so much of time. Yep, you guessed it, this blog will ultimately feature affordable looks (college student lol) and the latest deals into the season's beauty trends via my insight. Lately, I have also become obsessed with following fitness trainers, in hopes of living a healthier lifestyle and will be sharing workout & food recipes (major foodie) with y'all! Please stay tuned loves.. Nonetheless, what better way to introduce myself than with jumping right into my passion for fashion.