Tropical Getaway

1. Beach Hat // 2. Lilly Pulitzer Wristlet // 3. NARS Satin Lip Pencil // 4. Jack Rogers Thong Sandal // 5. VS The Flirt Bandeau // 6. Pineapple Iphone Case // 7. Asos Pom Pom Beach Cover Up // 8. Kate Spade Kiersten // 9. Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Lotion

You know you're in desperate need of a vacation when you find yourself already making a to-pack list for a future getaway. One of my all time favorite things to do and wish I could do more of is to travel. I am obsessed with visiting new places and opening my horizons towards new experiences. Yes, I'm that girl who has a never ending Bucket List with dozens of countries and cities I would love to visit someday ("If you can dream it, you can achieve it)."

To start off, a must-have, at least for me, when I go on any beach vacation is a large straw hat. They are so inexpensive yet so durable as they can get wet and still maintain their shape. Next on my list, is this vibrant colored Lilly Pulitzer Phone/ID wristlet so necessary and compact to carry around especially when you'll be hopping around town. I am so glad that on my recent Sephora haul, I purchased this Nars Lip Stain in  the color Yu bright hot pink that is perfect for Summer and long lasting for any occasion. I fell in love with this line after receiving their Nars Birthday gift in two different shades. Something that has been on my wish list forever has been these classic gold Jack Rogers sandals perfect for summertime. Very cliche and preppy, I know, but these sandals are just so effortlessly gorgeous you can't go wrong with a pair!

This cute flirty Coral Bandeau Bikini I found at Victoria's Secret is trending like crazy this summer. Every beach you'll go to I'm sure you'll spot at least 1 other girl with this style. VS came out with the cheaper version of the highly talked about Triangl Swimwear Collection ranging from $80 and higher. Purchasing a similar style can save you about $40 or more and no one will ever know if it is the original or not because they look almost identical (our little secret!) Next up is this fun Pineapple IPhone Case perfect to set you in the mood for Beach travels that'll have everyone asking you where you bought it. What would be more perfect to pair that cutesy Bikini Bandeau than this adorable Pom Pom cover-up I stumbled upon while shopping at Asos. A great advantage this cover-up has is that it is so affordable in comparison to local boutiques that sell similar ones way more expensive.

Can we all please just take a moment of silence for this next item. That was much needed to introduce these Kate Spade Kiersten Sunnies. I have been spying on these to go on sale because let's just state the obvious, they are fabulous honey! They are not as expensive as other brands like Prada's Baroque (Oh how badly I want one of these babies) but yet are still so classy and definitely match a variety of outfits year-round! My list ends with the Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Sunscreen which works perfect for all skin types to achieve a nice bronzing glow. However, if you're as pale as I am or haven't laid out in the sun for a while, I recommend applying a higher SPF like this Aveeno lotion which is great to start building up the perfect tan without looking like a lobster.

I hope y'all enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it! Please bare with me as I am still trying to learn all the cool features Blogger has to offer given that it takes so much time and I am not very tech savvy whatsoever.. So far, I'm loving it!

P.S: I've added down below a similar ASOS beach cover up for those who might want an alternative.

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  1. Seriously need that beach cover up in my life!
    Gal and the City

  2. I adore those sandals and KS, leopard sunglasses!! I have a mental need-a-getaway-packing-list in my head, too. Lol!!

    All the Cute
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    1. Lol it's good to know i'm not the only one! Thanks for reading! :)

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    1. It's gorgeous right?! Thanks for reading! :)

  4. Love the pack list but my favorites are the cover up and the hat. I think is time to go shopping!

    1. I agree! I've been trying to hold myself back from spending money but a shopping spree is calling my name lol!

  5. I love that phone case!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire